Games Like Age of Empires

Games like Age of Empires immerse you in strategic gameplay as you command tons of units into tactical battles while developing your base. The Age of Empires games are some of the best historical RTS titles around that continue to be popular among strategy gamers to this day, with a 4th title coming in the near future. All of the entries are also getting remastered ‘definitive editions’, with the first one already out, while the other two are currently in the works.

If you enjoy seeing your base get technologically stronger as you form a massive army to take down your enemies, then these strategy games similar to Age of Empires are just the ones you are looking for!

9 Best Games Like Age of Empires

Civilization Series

One of the most popular turn-based franchises out there, the Civilization series is one you will love playing, whether you’re a casual strategy fan or a veteran tactician. Most of the games start off in prehistory, from which you slowly develop your civilization into a powerful force to be reckoned with. The exceptions are the good old sci-fi Alpha Centauri and the newer Beyond Earth title, where you are already in the future.

Whether you’ll play against the AI or dive into multiplayer with your friends using various victory conditions is up to you, but either way, you will certainly enjoy expanding and developing your civilization in these great turn-based titles.

Empire Earth

Despite its dated graphics, Empire Earth is an RTS you will surely love, as it lets you lead one of 21 civilizations through 14 epochs, starting from the prehistoric age and going all the way to the ‘nano’ age. With actual historical events placed into the game, Empire Earth stays exciting from start to end while you develop new technology and train heroes that heal your army and boost their morale. Designed by Rick Goodman, the same developer that worked on the first Age of Empires, Empire Earth is a title you definitely want to play if you like seeing your civilization develop through many years.

Rise of Nations

Rise of Nations mixes up turn-based and real-time gameplay as you slowly develop one of 18 civilizations through 8 ages. The exciting campaigns let you use a strategic turn-based map of the world to engage in diplomacy or choose which territory you would like to attack, while you use your units to attack the enemy and claim your desired territory in real-time. If you like this mix of Civilization-style turn-based gameplay and classic RTS gameplay, then Rise of Nations is a game you have to play.

Stronghold Series

The best historical-medieval franchise around, the Stronghold Series combines fun castle-building with strategic gameplay to create one of the greatest medieval strategy games around. Build, defend and siege historical castles in enjoyable campaigns, or use the built-in map editor to create your own scenarios. Whether you’ll dive into the classic 1st title, or the highly popular Stronghold Crusader, or any other in the series, is up to you.

If you’re looking for medieval RTS titles where you can build castles, then the Stronghold Series is for you.

Anno Series

The Anno games are a lot more focused on building and managing your colony, but that doesn’t mean you don’t get to engage in various battles with other colonies with whom which you can trade and negotiate. While there are titles set in similar historical settings as the Age of Empires series, there are also futuristic ones that look beautiful. Overall, if you like a mix of city-building and RTS with more emphasis on the former than the latter, then the Anno games are worth giving a go.

Total War Series

This franchise is packed with many superb historical games that you can spend hundreds of hours playing through. They combine turn-based management and diplomatic negotiation with epic real-time battles that consist of thousands and thousands of units. While the series is mostly famed for its historical titles, recent years have shown some fantastic Total War games set in the Warhammer Fantasy universe, a fictional world with various races.

If you enjoy tactically leading your faction through large-scale battles in medieval Europe, Japan or the amazing fantasy world of Warhammer, then the Total War franchise is what you are looking for.

Age of Mythology

Age of Mythology is actually a spin-off of the Age of Empires series, so it’s no surprise how similar it may seem in terms of gameplay. That doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy the mythological setting this title offers that lets you play as the Greeks, Egyptians and Norse through four Ages. Each of them has 3 major gods that you can choose at the start of a game, who have their own special ability and unique units.

Whenever you progress to the next Age, you also get to choose between two minor gods, but the options you receive depend on which major god you picked at the start of the game. Just like major gods, minor gods also have their own unique power, while unlocking new units and technologies.

With an action-packed campaign and gods that can throw lightning or cause earthquakes, Age of Mythology is a worthy spin-off of a beloved series that you will certainly enjoy.

Command & Conquer Series

While there is no Age advancement that brings significant technological progress to factions, the Command & Conquer Series is still the king of RTS gaming with its nostalgic FMV scenes. Whichever classic you choose to play, you are bound to have a lot of fun, even if you’re not a pro RTS player. If you haven’t played any of the games in this franchise, then you’re missing out.

Cossacks Series

This historical RTS franchise stands out with its ability to let you control a much higher number of units than any regular RTS out there. Get ready for huge battles consisting of thousands of units as you play with one of many nations available, reliving history as you dominate the land and the seas. Whether you’ll start from the original 1st title or dive straight into the latest remake that looks stunning, is up to you.

Tons of different buildings, units and technologies are waiting to be unlocked in exciting historical campaigns and skirmish battles that feature randomly-generated maps. If you like Age of Empires, then you will undoubtedly love the historical Cossacks Series.

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