7 Games Like Animal Jam

Games like Animal Jam let you enjoy charming online worlds with millions of players customizing their character and hanging out. Named as the best Android app for kids in 2017, Animal Jam lets you customize your own animal with various clothes while playing with your friends in a safe environment. Despite the continual growth this animal playground is getting in the US, Animal Jam continues to be a friendly environment for players of all ages.

Looking for more fun games like Animal Jam to spend your time in with your friends? Then you’ve come to the right place! Check out this list of cute online games like Animal Jam right down below.

7 Amazing Games like Animal Jam


Unlike Animal Jam that’s centered on a lovely animal world, Pirate101 places you in a world of treasure, where players take on the role of pirates sailing not the sea, but the sky with customizable flying ships! Choose from 5 different classes suited for various playstyles and embark on a journey filled with diverse environments. As you progress through the story, you’ll recruit Companions and use distinct powers to take down your foes in interesting turn-based combat on Skull Island.

Companions are your trusty sidekicks with special abilities that can be trained using points that you receive when you level up. Not only can you train them, but some can even be promoted by finishing a specific quest, making them even more dangerous in battle. Completing quests in search of treasure, however, is not the only thing you can do in Pirate101.

You can get a variety of different pets that can help you in battle, but two pets can also be morphed to form a new one. Decorate your own treasure-filled home; buy mounts for faster traveling on land and more. There’s so much you can do in Pirate101 that you’ll definitely enjoy your time hunting for treasure and meeting new friends.


Made by the developers of Pirate101, Wizard101 throws you into a world of wizardry tasked with saving the Wizard City from a menacing evil. Pick from a variety of magic schools you would like to master in and assemble a team of powerful wizards to take on fun turn-based PvP and PvE duels. Magic schools are basically classes which are accustomed to specific styles of play, but also feature their own unique spells that you learn by training or beating many quests.

Spells are activated in the form of cards, which means that you get to make your own spell decks to use in strategic battles. Apart from choosing what kind of wizard you would like to be, Wizard101 also offers lots of customization, including various clothing styles, hairstyles and more. Customize your own house in which you can place a diverse set of pets that can increase some of your stats, use mounts for faster exploration, craft tons of different items using recipes, and more.

If you’re looking for another family-friendly title to dive into that is filled with content, then the fictional world of Wizard101 may be just the one you are looking for.


Get ready to jump into the land of fishing with this cute MMO. Create your character and catch hundreds of different fish day and night in a world filled with players to befriend and chat with. Make your way through 10 colorful environments as you participate in tournaments, breed new fish and create a lovely home with tons of different furniture.

If you like fishing and always wanted to play a game where you can fish together with many other players that you can talk with then Fishao is the perfect online fishing game that won’t disappoint.


Poptropica is an online 2D game that sends you on an adventure across a great number of islands filled with puzzles to solve. Converse with numerous characters as you interact with the environment to further progress through the island. Islands are separated by difficulty, but they are all a lot of fun to explore and beat.

Adventuring through these stylish, beautiful islands is not the only thing you can do in Poptropica. Not only can you customize your character at the start of the game, but you can even change your clothes by using a tool that allows you to copy clothes from other characters. So if you spot a character with something that you like, simply use the game’s unique tool to copy that part of the character onto you.

Enjoy mini-games and more in this adventurous online title filled with interesting puzzles to solve.

Moshi Monsters

Choose from six types of customizable monsters and explore Monstro City with many other monster-players as you solve many puzzles and play various games. Create your own room and plant seeds to attract Moshlings, cute little monsters that can become your cuddly little pets. Feed your pet and decorate your room to keep it happy and healthy.

Moshi Monsters is a beautiful online 2D title, and if creatures are what you love, then you will love your stay at the friendly place of Monstro City.

Club Penguin Island

Level up your penguin, customize your very own igloo and participate in events that appear from time to time as you complete quests that take you through the 3D island of this sequel to the classic Club Penguin. This MMORPG comes with The Designer feature that lets you create your own clothes, using blueprints to help design them. Take part in many multiplayer mini-games that reward you with coins and find collectible items hidden throughout the island in this charming free-to-play online game that you can enjoy wherever you are with your friends.


Jump into the massive floating island of Fantage as you create your avatar and interact with other players in a safe, 2D environment. Host parties in your house, plant seeds at your farm and go to Pet Town where you can play a myriad of mini-games with your pets. Play a variety of multiplayer mini-games and complete various missions to level up in this great online platform for all ages to hangout in.

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