9 Games Like Banished

Banished is a city building strategy game with a difference. The player leads a band of outcasts that have been exiled to a remote wilderness. They must construct a new settlement in isolation, carefully managing resources and balanced growth.

The main resource in Banished are the town’s citizens. They must be assigned to jobs such as fishing, building, or farming. Their needs must also be met to ensure they remain healthy and happy. New citizens are either born or join the settlement whereas older ones will die eventually from old age.

Sustainable growth is the main challenge in Banished. Players strive to expand the settlement but must do it at a careful rate to ensure that they do not overstretch their resources. The main challenge lies therein with a player.

Games like Banished focus more on resource management and construction than combat. Players looking for strategy games with battles should check out our list of recommended games here.

9 Best Games Like Banished


Northgard is a strategy building game based on Norse mythology. Players control a clan of Vikings who have discovered a mysterious new continent. Setting sail to this new world, they must fight undead, giants, dire wolves, and the harsh winter to survive.

Northgard has a detailed campaign that follows Rig, the son of the murdered High King, in his quest for vengeance. Players can also test their skills against other players and the AI. The game offers 6 different playable clans and a variety of victory conditions to suit all playstyles.

Kingdoms and Castles

Kingdoms and Castles is a quirky and picturesque game in a procedurally generated world. Starting with a small village, players expand it to a city and castle by carefully managing resources and keeping their population happy. They must also construct defenses to ward off Viking and dragon attacks.

Kingdoms and Castles uses detailed algorithms to manage forest growth, the seasons, and weather. Players must take care when harvesting resources to ensure that they don’t run out of or clear a resource entirely from the map.

Cities: Skylines

Famed as the game that usurped SimCity from its throne, Cities: Skylines is a popular city simulation and building game. Starting with a small 2km x 2km plot of land near a motorway, players must provide services and infrastructure to attract people to the city. As the city grows, they can purchase more land and expand it.

The game is highly moddable, allowing players to build cities on maps of up to 324 square kilometers. The game has a detailed traffic and transportation system that’s based on the developer’s previous title, Cities in Motion.

Stronghold Series

The Stronghold series is a classic collection of castle building games. The main trilogy is set in a medieval world where loyalists fight to remove usurpers from the throne. Spinoff games are set during the Crusades or feature fantasy elements such as King Arthur, vampires, and giants.

The main focus of Stronghold is on building, defending, and attacking castles. Players begin with a keep and a small amount of resources. From there they must expand and build their fortress. The economy is intricately linked with basic resources required to craft more advanced items. Stronghold offers challenges for players who want combat and those who prefer the building side of the game.

Tropico Series

A light-hearted series of building games, Tropico is set in a fictional banana republic with players taking the role of the island dictator. Steering a course between the Soviet Union and the USA, they must decide whether to embrace democracy, communism or choose a third way.

Players can earn cash by turning the island into a tourist resort or by offering it as a base to one of the superpowers. They must also take care to ensure their populace remain happy or they will be deposed in a coup d’etat.

Anno Series

A popular series of economic settlement games, the original Anno focused on the early European settlement of the New World. Later entries have centered on the Renaissance as well as the near future settings of Anno 2070 and 2205.

The games feature combat as a minor part. The main focus is on colony management and resource management, combining elements of business simulation and city building genres.


Planetbase is a space strategy and simulation game. It follows a group of colonists on a remote planet as they try to construct a sustainable base. Players design the colony as well as manage it. They must choose the outpost’s location and ensure a constant supply of food, water, and oxygen.

The aim of the game is to build a self-sustaining colony. The game offers different planets of varying difficulty to colonize. Players choose their colonists for their skills to guarantee only those needed come to the colony. Natural disasters and other events will frequently threaten the base.

Project AURA

Set in the wake of a climate disaster, Project AURA follows a colony of survivors in a settlement at sea. Starting from scratch, players must use their resources to expand and develop their habitat. Survivors can be trained and specialized for certain tasks. New technology can be developed to assist infrastructure and production.

Players can choose to specialize their colony, rely on trade, or even become entirely self-sufficient. Lost technology from the 21st century can be salvaged to improve the colony and craft unique items. Players looking for games like Banished will enjoy Project AURA.

Caesar III

A game from the celebrated Sierra City Building series, Caesar III is set at the height of the Roman Empire. Players play as the governor of a Roman city and must accomplish objectives against a timer and amidst disasters and barbarian invasions.

The game offers both a campaign and free play mode. Within the campaign, players have the choice of following the Peace or Military paths which determine the objectives they must complete. Caesar III is elaborately detailed, requiring players to balance trade, finance, infrastructure, and religion to ensure the success of their city.

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