7 Games Similar To Dark Souls Series

Games like Dark Souls offer fantastic gameplay and immersive worlds for you to explore filled with danger and surprises at every step of the way. They are challenging titles that require a good amount of patience to emerge victorious in many intense boss battles that are mixed up with an amazing soundtrack. Cleverly-designed worlds mixed up with intriguing stories and everything mentioned before make these games like Dark Souls worth playing.

Regarded by many as one of the best games of all time, Dark Souls is known for its difficulty and harsh world that will make you die more than any other game ever has. But that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy its great combat and smart world design that contains memorable characters and boss fights. It is a title still popular to this day, with a remastered version coming to PC and latest consoles, including the Nintendo Switch.

Already journeyed through the world of Dark Souls and uncovered everything it has to offer? Want more games with combat like Dark Souls? Then take a look at this list of the best games like Dark Souls, right here, down below.

The Best 7 Games Like Dark Souls

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen

This action RPG may have similar visuals to Dark Souls, but it features a more open environment and a combat system where you can even climb on top of monsters as you try and find their weakness. You also have 3 characters beside you known as Pawns, one of which you can customize, while the other 2 Pawns can be selected online from the many that are shared by the players. There is a ton of epic boss fights that you are bound to enjoy thanks to the game’s fast-paced combat system where there is a lot more movement compared to Dark Souls.

While it may not be as hard as Dark Souls, Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is a ton of fun thanks to its combat system that is varied and exciting, with many different ways to play. There are plenty of big beasts to take down, and many powerful spells to use.

Demon’s Souls

The game that started it all, Demon’s Souls is mostly similar in its gameplay compared to Dark Souls. However, unlike the complex, interconnected world of Dark Souls, Demon’s Souls has its own hub world from which you get to access other worlds. While it may have no connection story-wise to the Dark Souls games, you won’t regret playing through a fantastic title that helped spawn a great series of games.


Despite featuring gameplay similar to Dark Souls, Nioh manages to stand out with more fast-paced combat and the addition of three stances that allow for more tactical play. Low stance lets you perform quicker attacks with less damage and helps maintain quick movement, while High stance lets you deal the highest amount of damage, at the expense of movement speed. Middle stance is a balance of the other two stances, and each of these stances is useful for certain situations.

Stances bring a lot more variety in combat and can even be switched mid attack, allowing for some superb combos. In Nioh, you play as a samurai named Willian, who must fight his way through evil warriors and many demons in Japan to retrieve something that was once his. This means that you don’t get to create and customize your own character.

Nioh’s world is divided into regions that are accessed from a hub world, meaning that you don’t get to roam a connected world like Dark Souls. The environments look superb though, and exploration is rewarded with collectibles. All in all, if you’re looking for more Dark Souls, Nioh is a fantastic samurai-themed title both visually and mechanically that you don’t want to miss out.

The Surge

Instead of going for the usual medieval-fantasy setting, The Surge puts you in an amazingly detailed sci-fi world filled with varied and colorful effects. It not only stands out with its theme but with its visceral and fast-paced combat system as well, which contains a limb-targeting system that allows you to attack a specific part of the enemy’s body. This system is paired up nicely with the game’s loot system that lets you collect the armor that you dismember intact.

If you’re looking for a Souls-like game that deviates from the traditional medieval theme while offering enjoyable gameplay with new mechanics and great graphics, then The Surge is a challenging title worth playing through.

Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen is one of the first games inspired by the genre-defining Souls series. Featuring a dark, fantasy world with stunning, detailed environments, Lords of the Fallen offers a more accessible experience while maintaining the lovely interconnected design of Dark Souls and including secrets in various areas. There’s a more slower-paced combat system, but that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy slashing your way through demonic enemies and bosses as you craft, upgrade and customize your character in this Souls-like title.

Salt and Sanctuary

Ever thought what Dark Souls would be like if it was made in 2D? Salt and Sanctuary is your answer, a 2D action RPG heavily inspired by Dark Souls. It features a unique hand-drawn art style that makes it stand out, combined with an action-packed combat system full of depth.

The world of Salt & Sanctuary is horrifying, including the enemies and bosses that inhabit the dungeons and many other areas of a cursed island. Not only that, the island itself is full of mysteries waiting to be uncovered, as well as deadly traps. Salt & Sanctuary also features the kind of atmospheric storytelling that fans of Dark Souls will surely love.

Salt & Sanctuary is a fantastic Souls-like game that manages to excellently create an amazing and unforgettable experience in 2D, filled with exploring, crafting and fighting tons of epic bosses in a unique and dark world.


Made by the same developers of Dark Souls, Bloodborne is set in a Victorian gothic era where, apart from melee weapons, you get to use firearms such as pistols and rifles. What makes weapons even more different and interesting from Dark Souls is that there are ‘trick’ weapons which can be transformed into a different form that allows for new ways to attack. These weapons are a lot of fun to use and help add more depth to the gameplay.

Whenever you are hit and lose a bit of health, you are given a few seconds to quickly strike back and regain the health you lost. This shows that Bloodborne encourages and rewards an aggressive style of play a lot more than Dark Souls. With a beautiful environment, superb animations and intense gameplay where offense is the best defense, Bloodborne is one of the best PS4 exclusives that you’ll love playing if you’re looking for more difficult games like Dark Souls.

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