7 Great Games Like Life Is Strange

Games like Life is Strange immerse you in their amazing stories as you interact with characters and make choices that can have short or long-term effects. They can feel like watching your favorite movie or TV series, with twists and turns happening at any moment. The characters in these games are memorable and feel lifelike as you slowly learn more about them through many conversations and events.

Life is Strange stunned many with its great character development, interactive storytelling and unique rewind mechanic not seen in any other episodic title before, winning various awards. Due to such success, it’s no surprise that more entries in this universe would come: one of which is a prequel already released, and the other a sequel currently in the works.

There are many other great games like Life is Strange waiting for you to dive into their exciting stories and worlds. If you’re looking for more similar games, then you’ve come to the right place. Check out this list of superb story-driven titles right down below!

7 Games Similar to Life Is Strange

Until Dawn

Until Dawn is your typical horror story of a group of teenagers that have decided to spend their night in a cabin on a mountain, only to find out that they’re not alone and that their life is at risk. Despite having a simple story of a madman chasing down teenagers, Until Dawn manages to execute it to perfection. Not only do you get to control all eight characters when necessary throughout the game, you also get to make tons of crucial choices that can mean life or death.

Unlike Life is Strange, Until Dawn aims for a more realistic look that looks absolutely stunning. Paired up with fantastic animations and great voice acting and you’ve got yourself an exciting experience where everyone can die or come out alive, depending on your choices. With so many choices available, Until Dawn is a PS4 exclusive that you can definitely play through multiple times to see how much an affect your decisions have on the well-developed characters in this horror-themed title that fans of the genre will surely enjoy.

The Walking Dead Series

Arguably Telltale’s greatest work, The Walking Dead video game series brought the point-and-click adventure genre back to life, but with fewer puzzles and a focus on stronger storytelling and player choice, combined with quick-time events. While the first season is considered by many to be the best, that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy the atmosphere, characters, music and tension throughout all the seasons. Your choices affect who stays alive in a world destroyed by an epidemic that has turned the deceased into ‘walkers’.

Whether you’ve watched the TV series or read the comic book isn’t a thing to worry about, as that won’t hamper your enjoyment of this intense episodic series of games that is getting its closure with the 4th season in 2018.

Tales from the Borderlands

If you ever played any of the action-packed Borderlands games, then you know what to expect in this episodic story-driven title. Tales from the Borderlands puts focus on humorous writing as you make choices in the distinctly-styled Pandora planet. Lead two characters on a wild journey as you enjoy the game’s great dialogue and comedic scenes. If you’re looking for a fun story full of humor to sink your time into, then Tales from the Borderlands is just the episodic title you’re looking for.

The Wolf Among Us

Set before the events of the popular Fables comic book series, The Wolf Among Us is a fantastic point-and-click adventure where you play as sheriff Bigby Wolf who must investigate brutal murders in Fabletown, a place inhabited by fairytale characters. This mix of fantasy and reality is further enhanced with a unique art direction and a great soundtrack. Not only do choices during dialogue and quick-time events affect the story, but even which location you choose to visit first affects the world around you.

Definitely, don’t miss out on this dark and excellent adventure packed with action and decisions.

Beyond: Two Souls

Beyond: Two Souls lets you control two characters, one of which, named Jodie, has supernatural powers thanks to her connection with the other character named Aiden, a separate soul that helps Jodie throughout her whole life. As you use Jodie to interact with the environment, you also have the option to switch to Aiden at any time and use him to go through walls and basically anywhere within Jodie’s radius. Aiden helps make the game much more interesting, as he gives Jodie the option to possess characters, suffocate or heal them, and much more.

The story-driven interactive tale has choices that have a huge effect on the ending. You can fail quick-time events, but your failure impacts later events. Every choice that you make with your powers has consequences, and this leads to a game with unexpected twists and turns and a lot of endings.

If you’re looking for more interactive stories that give you supernatural powers, then Beyond: Two Souls is a great game with an emotional story full of choices and different endings.

Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain is an interactive third-person adventure game that takes you through four diverse characters as they try to hunt down a murderer known as the Origami Killer. Each of the characters has their own motives, and every choice you make has consequences. Anything can happen and there are a variety of different endings for the main characters; all of which can end up killed if you’re not careful.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series

Based on the comic book series, this Telltale series features an original story that puts you in the role of Star-Lord as the Guardians protect a valuable artifact from a dangerous enemy. If you ever played a Telltale game, then you know that you’ll experience an emotional journey filled with tough decisions and nice action-packed sequences. With a great cast of characters and well-written story, Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy is an adventure worth giving a go.

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