9 Games Like Minecraft

A sandbox construction and adventure game, Minecraft has become one of the most successful games of all time, second only to Tetris. Players construct with a variety of different blocks and materials in a procedurally generated 3d world. Games like Minecraft offer huge freedom to players, restricting little, and encouraging them to explore and use their creativity.

Part of Minecraft’s charm is attributed to its low-grade pixelated graphics. The game is suitable for all ages and has received praise for its creative potential and design applications. It is seen as a valuable stepping stone for engineers and architects as it encourages creative design in children from an early age.

The game’s popularity can be seen in how it is has entered popular culture with events like Minecon religiously attended by thousands every year. Although it is the ur example, there are many open world sandbox games like Minecraft available on the market.

9 Best Games Like Minecraft


Frequently cited as an imitator of Minecraft, Roblox is its own game. An MMO platform, Roblox lets players create their own games on the platform for others to enjoy. The platform features lego block style graphics that are simplistic and reminiscent of Minecraft.

Cube World

Cube World is a vast, open world RPG. The game is procedurally generated with dungeons, castles, grasslands, tundra, oceans, and deserts all featuring. Players can create multiple characters, choosing from four different classes. Experience is earned by killing monsters.
As well as crafting objects, players can also tame animals and train them. Simple vehicles can also be built to allow them to traverse the map more quickly.


An indie sandbox game, Mythruna is an RPG set in a living randomly determined world that continues to grow regardless of the player’s actions. Players choose their own role in the world, choosing their own adventure or path to follow.

What makes Mythruna all the more spectacular is that unlike some of the larger games on this list such as Minecraft, it’s being developed by only one person! Currently, free to play, be sure to check it out here.

Block Story

Block Story markets itself as a wide open explorable world where there are no limitations. But there are dragons! The game is a cross between a sandbox builder and an RPG. The world is a real breathing one with different biomes with varying geography and terrain.

Players can build strongholds, fight boss battles, mine valuable resources, and explore the world. The many wonders of Block Story will not be found in one playthrough, it is a game that requires hours of dedication.


Inspired by Minecraft, Terasology is no mere imitator. Although on the surface it appears to be a building game like Minecraft, there are many differences. An open source project, Terasology brings together a unique and mixed team of developers and designers to create the product. It runs on any system (Linux, Windows, etc) and has received praise for its visuals and atmospheric soundtrack.

The best part of Terasology is that it is continually expanding with the addition of user created modules. Players have the freedom to add almost anything that they want.

King Arthur’s Gold

King Arthur’s Gold is a 2d side scrolling action game that is in many ways a throwback to classics such as Dungeon Keeper or Minecraft. It strikes a balance between combat, resource gathering, and construction. Multiplayer has players choose one of three classes and cooperate to destroy the enemy. Builders construct fortifications and traps, Archers have quick movement and attack from range, Knights are best at close combat and damaging enemy buildings.

Multiplayer is where KAG excels. The game currently offers five multiplayer modes which include such favorites as Capture the Flag and Team Deathmatch. KAG also has extensive modding support which allows for players to create and put their own scenarios and game modes up for others to enjoy.


A 2d sandbox action adventure, Terraria focuses on construction, exploration, and combat. The simple graphics are reminiscent of older console style games such as the SNES. The game uses procedural generation to create the world, guaranteeing a unique player experience every time. The world is split into different biomes which will determine the blocks located there as well as unique types of enemies.

Players can gather resources which will increase the crafting options available to them. More advanced items will require several different crafting processes to complete. For example, more advanced weapons will require ore to be gathered, then smelted into bars before being turned into a weapon. Game progression is also linked to boss battles whom players can encounter out and about in the game world.


Another Minecraft clones, Minetest’s base game is very simple but the game grows in complexity through the addition of user-created modules that allow a player to customize their environment. The game looks, feels, and plays like Minecraft but the main distinction is that it is free. Those curious for an alternative to the game can check it out here. Players looking for free games like Minecraft need look no further.


Set in a sandbox world, Blockland immediately makes one think of Lego. Players control a single minifigure who must then design and build whatever they want with bricks in the shape of toy blocks. Players can enjoy the game alone or with friends as they work on structures and objects of increasing complexity.

Mods and server changes allow players to customize the game to their needs. The nonlinear nature of the game means that it is easy to jump in and out without needing to worry about continuity.

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