7 Games Like Overwatch

Overwatch is a team based first person shooter for multiplayer. The game has received almost universal acclaim for its diverse characters, bright cartoonish graphics, balanced gameplay, and accessibility. The game is suitable for all ages and it has been praised for its inclusive philosophy, a trademark of its optimistic setting.

Overwatch is set some sixty years in the future in the aftermath of a war against robotic enemies known as the Omnics. Humanity successfully quelled the uprising but the post-war Earth is one ravaged by terrorism, war, and a potential second Omnic rebellion. The story is mostly told through animated short films and other materials released by Blizzard.

Games like Overwatch tend to be competitive and designed to appeal to a wide spectrum of players. A key theme in Overwatch is balance. Two teams of six fight to secure control points on a map or to escort a vital payload. Players choose from a varied cast of heroes who are roughly split into four categories reflecting their role and playstyle. Careful cooperation and teamwork are required to secure victory.

Over two dozen heroes are available to choose from, each with their own unique personality and abilities. Offensive heroes are most effective at dealing damage. Tank heroes absorb large amounts of damage and protect teammates. Support heroes provide healing or other enhancements while Defensive heroes specialize in defending and holding control points.

7 Amazing Games like Overwatch


Paladins is a third-person multiplayer shooter. Players control Champions, 36 of which are playable. They are split into four categories, Front Line, Damage, Support, and Flank. Front Line heroes have high health and protect allies, Damage excel at killing other heroes, Support provide healing, and Flank use their high mobility to sneak attack vulnerable targets.

Paladins differs from similar games by allowing players to equip special items for bonuses. Each character also has access to several cards that amplify specific abilities and let the player customize their hero to suit their playstyle. The game does allow for purchased content but players can earn this in game by playing matches and completing daily quests.

Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 is the official sequel to the Quake and Half-Life mods that spawned the series. Two teams battle in game modes such as capture the flag and king of the hill. The game has been praised for its cartoonish graphics, smooth gameplay, and humorous characters.

The game offers nine different characters, each of whom have their own unique weapons and abilities. They are split into three categories, Offense, Defense, and Support. Though over ten years old, the game shows no signs of losing popularity. Its gorgeous visuals have inspired numerous copycats.

Dirty Bomb

In the aftermath of an atomic explosion, London has been evacuated. A government agency, the CDA, and a criminal syndicate, Jackal, both hire mercenaries to deal with the situation. The CDA are aiming to cover up the incident while Jackal aim to steal technology.

The game currently offers over 23 mercenaries for player choices. The game only has two game modes at the moment but more are being worked on. Skilled players can play ranked, a more difficult version of the game with friendly fire turned on and requiring tighter teamwork.


Battleborn is a hero shooter that incorporates elements from the MOBA genre. The game is set in a space fantasy world where a cataclysmic event has destroyed most of the planets and stars in the universe, forcing the surviving species to flee to Solus. Each faction unites to send out their finest fighters, known as Battleborn, against the Varelsi, architects of the disaster.

Battleborn currently offers 30 different characters to play as, each with their own distinct abilities and weapons. Matches pitch two teams of five against each other. In addition to the standard team fights, Battleborn has a story based mission mode that allows up to five players to cooperate to complete objectives.

Gotham City Impostors

A multiplayer FPS that allows up to twelve players at once, Gotham City Impostors follows a gang war between two groups of impostors, one of which believes they are Batman, the other, The Joker. The game uses over the top visual and cartoonish settings as well as outlandish weapons and gadgets.

The game has four modes, Team Deathmatch, Psych Warfare, Fumigation, and Bounty Hunter. The latter is won by collecting coins when players die. Fumigation requires teams to capture and hold control points to gas their rivals while Psych Warfare defending a brainwashing machine. The game allows for characters, weapons, and garbs all to be customized.


Warframe is a cooperative third-person shooter. Players use biomechanical avatars known as warframes to fight a variety of alien threats across the solar system. Each warframe has unique abilities and can be customized to suit the player’s playstyle. They can also be converted to synergize with an ally’s warframe.

Warframe is designed for teams of four players. Missions include assassinations, data retrieval, survival against hordes of enemies, and artifact defense. The game offers a series of PvE missions for a campaign story as well as PvP mode. The difficulty ratchets up according to the player’s level.

Titanfall 2

The sequel to the 2014 multiplayer shooter, Titanfall 2 is a worthy successor to the original game. Set in a science fiction universe, players play as pilots or titans. Pilots are fast moving and agile, using abilities such as cloaking, wall running, and parkour, to evade enemies. Titans are large mecha style exoskeletons that can be piloted. They have immense firepower and armor but are much less mobile than pilots.

The singleplayer campaign revolves around the struggle between the Frontier Militia and the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation. Players control Jack Cooper, a rifleman fighting the IMC for the Frontier’s independence.

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