10 Games Like Roblox

What makes Roblox stand out from a lot of its competitors is that it is not technically a game at all. Instead, Roblox is a platform that allows its players to host their own created content on its servers. Playable on several different platforms, Roblox uses simplistic 3d graphics and promotes a family-friendly environment.

Games like Roblox offer a leveled gaming experience. Players can enjoy it at a basic level or work on more complex projects, the only limitation is the player’s imagination. This also makes it suitable for both adults and children, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

10 Best Games Like Roblox


One of the biggest games of the last decade, Minecraft remains a favorite worldwide. Adored by all ages, the game is famous for its simplistic graphics, wide open worlds, intricate crafting system, and freedom of expression. Players begin with a crafting bench and from there must harvest resources to craft tools and objects. A variety of materials can be used and creations become increasingly elaborate as the game goes on.

A big factor in Minecraft’s success is its multiplayer component. Players can cooperate to create their own worlds and work on large projects. Community-made creations have included replicas of cities from Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones.

Cube World

Cube World is an open world RPG set in a procedurally generated universe. Players choose one of four classes and then begin to explore the game world, fighting monsters, taming animals, and crafting items to help them in their quest.

As well as different biomes, Cube World also features vast dungeons and castles dotted throughout the game. The scale of the game encourages players to use animal mounts, boats, and hang gliders to traverse it.

Block Story

Block Story is a 3d world builder that gives the player total control of the game world. The game is a combination of an RPG, world builder, and construction genres. It features vast open worlds that are realistically modeled to include different terrain types.

Players can mine for resources, build fortresses, ride dragons, and craft powerful weapons. Players can customize their avatars and level them up to improve skills and stats.


Mythruna is a sandbox RPG game still in development. It offers almost limitless choice to players with their decisions shaping the story and adventures. Players can choose to become sailors, farmers, or even rulers of a thriving city.

What makes Mythruna even more remarkable is that it is the work of a single developer. With planned additions to include different fantasy races such as elves or dwarves and an extensive lore backstory, make sure to watch this space!


Trove is an MMO set in an open sandbox world. Free to play, players choose from a variety of character classes and begin exploring the world. The game offers crafting, construction, combat, exploration, and more. The environment is fully destructible and is divided into different biomes which feature their own unique characteristics and traits.

Trove features plenty of RPG elements. Players can gain experience and level up with this affecting the difficulty of enemies faced and the loot items they receive. Characters are also customizable, both their skills and appearance.


Survivalcraft is a sandbox survival game. The player starts the game marooned on an island. With no hope of rescue, the player must hunt and gather food to survive. Tools must be crafted to speed up work, clothes made to keep warm, and weapons made for protection.

As well as survival mode, the game also offers a create mode where players can make their own world and explore it without any threat from wild animals or other dangers. Later versions also allow for cooperative play with up to 3 other players.


Terasology is an open source project that is focused on creating a voxel world to suit various game settings. Similar in appearance and gameplay to Minecraft, the game is free to download at their website. The game is regularly updated as it is still in early development. Both the visuals and sounds have received praise.


An open world sandbox, Blockland gives players an entire world to discover without the burden of having set goals or objectives to accomplish. The player controls a minifigure in a world of blocks that are similar to Lego bricks.
Playing alone or with friends, players work on building structures and objects that grow increasingly elaborate. The only limitations are on the player’s creativity, they have the chance to create their own world or realm inside the game.

Garry’s Mod

Garry’s Mod is not a game, it is a physics sandbox. There are no assigned goals or aims. Players instead are merely given tools and left to experiment with them. Offline or multiplayer, players are encouraged to meld objects together and make their own unique constructions. The game uses Valve’s signature physics system that has been popularised in games such as Half-Life 2.

Garry’s Mod thrives on its community creations with a vibrant Steam Workshop including numerous maps, contraptions, and models for gamers to use. Entertaining and promising hours of play, Garry’s Mod is popular for machinima filmmaking as well as casual gamers.


Terraria is a 2d adventure game set in a wide-open sandbox. Players begin with three basic tools and must use these to gather resources and craft more powerful items. Crafting is a major focus of the game with more advanced items requiring complex ingredients.

The game world is procedurally generated and split into different biomes. Enemies vary according to the terrain and certain resources or items will be found only in certain biomes. Bosses can be summoned or encountered to progress in the game. The game also features NPCs who can offer services and sell items, many will appear after monsters are slain.

The game is modder friendly and supports a thriving community.

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