9 Games Similar to Runescape

RuneScape is one of the oldest free-to-play MMORPGs that you could even play on a browser until the title got its own standalone client. Despite releasing way back in 2001, RuneScape is still receiving frequent updates and continues to have a large and active community. Developer Jagex has even got three Guinness World Records for their huge and great game.

Games like RuneScape let you explore massive worlds filled with quests to beat and monsters to slay alone or with friends. The game has changed so much that it even has an Old School version for the veteran players looking for classic gameplay that they know and love. And if playing on PC is not enough, then don’t worry, as both RuneScape versions are going mobile to let you enjoy the game wherever you are.

If you’re looking for more online games like RuneScape to spend hours on, then you’ve come to the right place. Check out this list of games down below.

9 Best Games Like Runescape

Drakensang Online

Played from an isometric perspective, Drakensang Online features 4 classes to choose from, all of which are made to suit a specific way of play. It’s action-packed gameplay and great visuals breathe life into the huge open world waiting for you to explore. Whether you’ll make your way alone or with friends, this free online RPG is one worth checking out as it continues to receive constant updates.


RIFT lets you side with one of two factions as you choose your class and race to embark on a journey in a dynamic world with large-scale battles and rifts that create portals and allow monsters to invade and conquer various areas. Despite there only being 5 classes to choose from, RIFT has a great variety of gameplay thanks to its ‘Soul’ system, where each soul has its own skill tree called ‘soul tree’. These souls let you have many roles in your group of dungeon raiders, as you can switch from one soul to another when not in combat and basically go from a tank to a healer or anything else that might be needed.

Of course, it will take time to level up and gain the points to unlock the abilities these soul trees offer, but this is a fantastic feature that allows for diverse and customizable gameplay. You could play as a warrior that casts powerful spells or as a mage that can take the damage and go straight into the heat of battle with his mighty magical swords. Whatever kind of style you wish to go with, you are bound to enjoy the freedom this free-to-play fantasy MMORPG offers as you engage in many events and dive in PvP and PvE battles alone or with friends.

Black Desert Online

One of the most beautiful MMORPGs you will ever find, Black Desert Online brings you a sandbox world filled with players enjoying the intense, skill-based combat system and epic boss battles where great loot awaits. Choose from a wide variety of classes and spend hours messing around with the game’s complex and superb character creation system that truly lets you make the character that you want with the incredible amount of customization available.

Make your very own home, ride horses into battle, craft boats to sail the wonderful oceans as you fish and take down monsters or join one of the many guilds where you siege castles alongside players to attain dominance over the lands at stake.

There’s so much you can do that you’re bound to enjoy playing this game, especially with friends.


Get ready to sail the seas and face exciting naval battles as you decorate your home and even make a large farm in a sandbox fantasy world with the player-driven economy. Trade and craft tons of items as you swim underwater or sail together with friends while staying prepared for any surprise attack that may come from a beast underneath.

ArcheAge has a unique criminal justice system that allows for players to be judged for certain crimes they have committed. The system is run by the players as well, who get to vote how much jail time a murderer or thief could face. Imprisoned players can actually try to escape the prison but won’t be able to use their abilities for the duration of their jail time.

Overall, ArcheAge is an enjoyable free-to-play MMORPG that offers a world with stunning views and fun sandbox gameplay to jump into alone or with a group of friends.

Albion Online

This is a really visually pleasing isometric MMORPG where, just like RuneScape, there are no classes, but instead, the freeform fantasy title lets you easily customize your character to tailor it to the way you want. Every player has a role in Albion Online’s sandbox world where guilds fight for control as they work together to achieve their goals. Trading, crafting, farming – everything is vital to the success of your guild.


Unlike most MMOs, Wakfu is a turn-based MMORPG with tons of varied classes that have their own unique skills to use in tactical battles. Some elements of the cartoonish world are managed by the players themselves, such as the ecosystems, where mismanagement can lead to the extinction of an entire species. It’s free-to-play too, so grab a few friends and go on an adventure filled with great quests and dungeons.

EverQuest II

EverQuest II has thousands and thousands of quests for you to accomplish. There’s no shortage of content here, as there’s always something to do in this old but still updated title with tons of expansions and many varied areas to explore. So if you’re looking for an MMO that you can sink thousands of hours into, then hop into a guild, get a group of friends or journey alone – EverQuest II is a game filled with lore and content that you’ll certainly love.

Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is a friendly and casual MMO that you can enjoy playing from time to time. Each class is different and you are bound to enjoy one of them. The worlds are unique and gorgeous, making it a joy to explore them as you complete all the quests they have to offer.

There is no grinding to slow you down in Guild Wars 2, and there are lots of dynamic events to keep the game fresh. No matter what level you are, PvP is available straight from the get-go. There are even WvW (World vs World) battles done between three different servers that are played out in five large maps, with many players battling it out, completing objectives and engaging in PvE content.

Path of Exile

Looking for a title that offers more brutal, action-packed Diablo-style gameplay? Then this dark action MMORPG is one you’ll surely enjoy, thanks to its stunning environments, tons of content and depth of gameplay put to a free-to-play title. Whichever class you pick, you’ll still be able to combine any of the diverse skills available in the game, while skills related to your class are easier to attain.

Whether you’ll fight your way through the fantasy world alone or have fun in the game’s very fast-paced combat with your friends, Path of Exile is one of the best free-to-play titles you don’t want to miss out on.

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