10 Best Games Similar to Skyrim

Epic stories, huge, immersive worlds, fantastic quests and lots of impactful choices make games like Skyrim a joy to play. Skyrim is still to this day a very popular RPG thanks to the great number of mods available which range from graphics enhancements to complete new worlds for you to explore. The classic RPG even got remastered and added in official mod support for PS4 and Xbox One, but not only that, it also released for the Nintendo Switch, letting you play the full game and its DLCs on the go wherever you are.

Had enough of slaying dragons? Looking for a new world to conquer? Then check out this list of superb games similar to Skyrim.

10 Amazing Games Like Skyrim

Dragon Age Series

This 3rd-person RPG series is a fantasy journey you don’t want to miss out on. Play as a warrior, mage or rogue and interact with various memorable characters that can become your companions. Engage in tactical combat that lets you pause the game in order to carefully plan out your attacks, choosing which kinds of abilities your character and companions should use.

If you’re looking to immerse yourself in a great story as you develop relationships and make various choices while enjoying the tactical combat system that lets you go in a top-down view, the Dragon Age games are for you.

The Witcher Series

The Witcher Series became a massive hit with the release of the beautiful open-world 3rd entry Wild Hunt, but that doesn’t mean that you should miss out on the previous 2 titles. Unlike Skyrim, where you can create your own character, The Witcher medieval-fantasy games put you in control of Geralt of Rivia, a Witcher with powerful abilities that hunts down monsters – for a price. Make many choices that can be imported to the next game as you explore and unravel compelling stories.

Divinity II

Divinity II is a unique action RPG that lets you go from a human knight that upgrades equipment, completes quests and engages in dialogue with various NPCs, to a powerful dragon soaring through the air, burning everything on sight. You even have your own base and minions to order to do things such as resource gathering and so on.

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen

If you missed out on this open-world action RPG when it first released on consoles, then you definitely shouldn’t miss out on the PC version that comes with the Dark Arisen expansion pack. It has excellent boss fights and the combat with many of the monsters in the game is challenging and a lot of fun. There’s lots of character customization, with three classes to choose at the start from which you can slowly switch into other new classes later in the game that have their own unique and powerful abilities.

Three AI-controlled companions, known as Pawns, can accompany you in your adventure, with one of them being the Main Pawn that you get to create. The innovative Pawn system stands out because you get to hire two Pawns made by other players which have their own behavior. You can give them various commands and you can also borrow Pawns made by other players to use for specific quests.

Fable Series

Despite its age, the Fable games are still games worth playing through to this day thanks to its heavy focus on choice and gameplay. Everything you do, both good and bad, will have an effect on your character as you explore and enjoy many side quests. Even what kind of food you eat and the skills you develop affect the appearance of your character.

If you love having the freedom to make lots of choices that have consequences, then the Fable games are RPGs you have to play.

Ryse: Son of Rome

Made by the developers of Crysis, this is an absolutely beautiful 3rd person hack-n-slash title with tremendously detailed environments and top-notch animations. Fight your way through countless of enemies using a combo-based combat system with quick-time events. Avenge your family as a Roman general and jump into the multiplayer co-op mode where you get to take down waves of enemies.

Despite its stunning graphics and attention to detail, the levels are linear and the combat may not be enjoyable for everyone. Still, it’s a title worth trying.

Middle-Earth Series

These open-world RPGs are praised for their outstanding combat system which improves upon the combat seen in the Batman Arkham games. The series, however, is famed for its unique Nemesis system, where your encounters with Sauron’s army are unique. Procedurally-generated enemies called Uruks that take you down get promoted to captains and will remember you the next time they see you.

These Uruk captains and warchiefs have their own strengths and weaknesses, which makes each battle challenging and exciting. They also have different personalities and warchiefs even have captains accompanying them as bodyguards. The Nemesis system lets you tell your own unique stories as you take down or take control of these tough Uruks, and that’s what makes these games so great.

If you like games with fantastic combat and gameplay that gives you the opportunity to tell your own tale alongside the main story, then the Middle-Earth games are ones not to miss.

Gothic Series

The Gothic games are regarded as one of the best open-world action RPGs out there. It has a marvelous atmospheric fantasy setting and living world where you can’t just mindlessly follow a dotted line to get to your destination. Instead, you have to interact with the world, use a map and ask various characters for directions. Oh, and you can even climb.

The freedom of exploration and a truly interactive world where NPCs react to your decisions make this franchise shine even many years after release.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

While it’s cartoonish dark fantasy world may not be as open as Skyrim, there is still a ton to explore and plenty of side quests to complete. This story-rich action RPG stands out with its fast-paced combat system that lets you parry and in general, makes battles intense and fun to deal with. Play as one of four races and one of three classes available, which include a variety of skills to unlock in skill trees.

Many different types of weapons are available, and each one has their own pros and cons. Overall this is an underrated RPG that you should definitely play for its story, gameplay and timeless visuals.

Risen Series

If you ever played any of the Gothic games, then you’ll certainly love this series of immersive RPGs made by the same developer. While the 2nd entry is more pirate-themed with voodoo magic, the games take place on an island filled with dangerous monsters to take care of. If you don’t mind challenging combat, then you are sure to enjoy the world and story that these games offer.

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