7 Amazing Games Similar to Terraria

Games like Terraria give you the freedom to do whatever you want in unique maps full of content. They inspire you to be creative and construct various structures as you spend a long time exploring the nooks and crannies that the charming worlds offer. While they may have a sort of ending, games like Terraria are not about the ending – they are sandbox games that let you set your own goals.

One of the best 2D sandbox titles out there, Terraria has come a long way since its 2011 PC release. Apart from releasing on every single platform, Terraria continues to receive many big updates that further improve the game with more fun content to enjoy. Despite comparisons to Minecraft, Terraria is a unique title that goes for much more action-packed gameplay filled with creative bosses, enemies and items.

Looking for more great games like Terraria? Then look no further, as we have a list of excellent titles similar to Terraria for you to spend hundreds of hours in right down below!

7 Best Games Like Terraria:

King Arthur’s Gold

King Arthur’s Gold lets you build a variety of defenses and traps as you board ships, build castles and use the physics-based environment to your advantage. While there is a sandbox mode you can mess around in, it is clear that King Arthur’s Gold is a much more multiplayer-focused title where players of two teams fight to the death in various game modes, including Capture the Flag. Mixing building elements with chaotic PvP combat, you’ll get to play as 3 classes as you dig and work together with your team in randomly-generated maps to come out victorious.

It’s a fantastic multiplayer medieval title with destructible environments that also includes mod support, letting you create your own maps. If you enjoy action-packed gameplay that also lets you build for a tactical advantage, then King Arthur’s Gold is a great fast-paced 2D title to play with your friends.


The game that inspired many, Minecraft has had a huge influence on various sandbox games to date. Whether you’ll enjoy a relaxing experience mining and building by yourself in creative mode or survive together with your friends is up to you. There is no shortage of things to do as you explore randomly-generated worlds and prepare for the epic fight with the Ender Dragon.

If the base game isn’t enough, then don’t worry, as Minecraft has plenty of fantastic mods and custom-made maps for you to play alone or with friends. There are also servers filled with fun mini-games to enjoy, so if you haven’t played Minecraft already and like games with plenty of freedom, then you definitely don’t want to miss out on a title that you will surely spend thousands of hours on.

Treasure Adventure Game

This exploration-focused title sends you across many islands as you interact with NPCs that are affected by the day & night cycle. Sail the seas as you complete quests and solve puzzles while jumping and crawling your way to new and secret areas. Find all the hidden treasure and experience an interesting story in this metroidvania-style 2D adventure game.

Junk Jack

While the combat isn’t as action-packed as it is in Terraria, Junk Jack puts focus on building and decorating your home as you explore procedurally-generated worlds using portals to travel to a new planet. You can craft in two ways: one way being the simple one-click crafting seen in Terraria, and the other using a crafting grid like in Minecraft. Junk Jack also features a fantastic electronics system that allows you to create complex contraptions.

If you’re looking for a relaxing sandbox title with cute and simple 2D graphics that lets you build, craft, farm, fish, and breed animals with friends across various planets, then Junk Jack is a game worth playing.


Unlike Terraria that simply puts you in a random world with no backstory, Starbound has a story that you can follow if you wish to, with quests given by many NPCs throughout the game. Starbound also offers a lot more exploration, as you not only explore one randomly-generated world but instead travel to a variety of procedurally-generated planets using your own customizable spaceship. Across these planets, you’ll meet various NPCs that you can even recruit to be part of your spaceship crew.

Starbound lets you choose from 7 races, offering a bit more variety in character creation. While mining may start off slow, it becomes a lot faster later once you’ve upgraded your tool called the Matter Manipulator. With mods that can add new races, quests, biomes and more, there truly is no shortage of content to enjoy alone or together with friends.

If you’re looking to explore an infinite universe filled with NPCs, quests, bosses and tons of items to craft or use to make massive buildings, then Starbound is a great survival game you have to play.


Magicite tasks you with exploring randomly-generated dungeons as you mine, chop trees and fight various monsters while trying to stay alive. Featuring role-playing, rouge-like and 2D platformer elements, Magicite has permanent death and a simple but good crafting system where you combine two items to form a new one. There are plenty of crafting combinations to find out, and that’s what makes the mechanic interesting each time you try it.

You’ll come across a variety of biomes, as well as towns in which you can buy and sell items and visit blacksmiths to convert your ores into bars and use them to create armor. As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock companions, races, and hats. Companions give you various advantages and each race has their own starting gear and stats, while hats can increase stats or even allow you to triple jump.

With the addition of multiplayer, Magicite is plenty of fun with friends. There is no building in Magicite, but this 2D RPG is an enjoyable title to play if you are a fan of rogue-like games.

Craft the World

Inspired by Terraria, Craft the World features a unique 2D art style and puts you in control of dwarves in a randomly-generated world where you must command them to collect resources, dig, craft, build and fight enemies. As you keep your growing population of dwarves well-fed, you also have to ensure a strong defense in case of dangerous waves of monsters that may attack from portals. Using various magic spells, you can help your dwarves out by making them faster, casting fireballs at enemies and more.

Overall, if you’re looking for a sandbox title focused on managing and ensuring the survival of dwarves, then Craft the World is a challenging but fun game that you have to try out.

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