7 Games Like The Sims

One of the most popular games ever released, The Sims is a simulation game that allows players to create their own virtual character or family, helping them through a day to day life. A game for all ages, the Sims has remained a firm favorite of many for years.
Games like the Sims are simulations, based on real life. They allow the player the chance to live out another persona or fantasy life without the stress and problems of the real world. They are enjoyable and easy learn to games, a wide-open sandbox that offers unlimited replayability.

Though the games feature different expansions and add-on content, the core premise remains the same. Players start with a small amount of funds from which to build their home and manage their custom created Sim’s life. Expansions allow players to take their Sims on holidays, move house, play minigames, or even more outlandish elements such as become a vampire or wizard!

From its humble beginnings in 2000, the Sims has gone on to spawn innumerable sequels and has sold over 200 million copies worldwide. Those looking to enjoy a sandbox experience or similar games should check out our list below.

7 Best Games Like The Sims Series

Second Life

Second Life is an online virtual world. Players create a virtual avatar and enter into the world on one of its many servers. Avatars can be human, animal, mineral, plant, or any combination of the above. Although sharing many aspects with MMORPGs, the creators reject the term, insisting that it is a virtual world.

Although free to play, Second Life also features a thriving economy through which players can make money in game and later transfer it to the real world. It has numerous RPG servers based on such worlds as Victorian London, Tolkien’s works, or Final Fantasy. The game also supports and encourages user-created content, with many players generating profits through the creating and selling of these items. Despite a slump in popularity, Second Life remains popular today.

Virtual Families 2

Players looking for a game like the Sims should look no further. Virtual Families 2 is a popular simulation game that begins with players adopting their own little person to guide through life. Players find a spouse, have children, adopt pets, customize their house, and more.

The game continues to play even while the app is switched off. Random events and challenges can spring up at any time, forcing players to respond to challenges and make the best choice for their virtual family. A real tugger on the heartstrings, Virtual Families 2 ensures no two playthroughs are the same. It is perfect for players looking for a free game like the Sims or a version playable on mobile.

iAMFAM: Little Dream Home

A simulation game in real time, Little Dream Home has players manage a household and its inhabitants. They compete with friends to see who has the happiest virtual family. Taking charge of the home, they can customize and decorate it as they wish, choosing furniture, appliances, and accessories that suit their style.

As well as decoration, players must also play minigames and manage their family members reactions to events to help them grow and prosper. Players choose a spouse, raise children, get pets, look for work, and much more. The game continues to play even while the player isn’t in the game, ensuring an immersive and ever-changing experience.


IMVU is an online metaverse that lets players create their own 3D avatar and interact with others. Players can chat, play minigames, create user-made content, and more. The game is noted for its large catalog of virtual goods which at last count totaled over 30 million items.


A virtual world designed for children and teenagers, OurWorld is aimed at the casual gamer. Each player has a customizable avatar and condo. The game uses an in-game currency system called Flow, which is earned by gaming, interacting with other players, and doing activities.
Free to play, OurWorld also allows microtransactions though players can also earn items through leveling up and playing. New clothes, dance moves, vehicles, areas to explore, accessories, and furniture, can all be earned or bought.


MovieStarPlanet is a popular social networking game aimed at children and teenagers. Players create their own unique movie star and begin their path to stardom. Players are encouraged to use their creativity by making Movies, Art Books, and photoshoots. They can also design their own clothing lines and model them for friends and fans.

MovieStarPlanet is a game focused on social interaction and friends. Players can chat with friends, compete in games, and compare designs. The game allows full customization of homes, pets, and other possession. As it is a family orientated game, the developers pride themselves on its safe and welcoming environment.


An MMO designed for children, SuperSecret that lets players play at growing up. Starting with an avatar at age 10, players can have birthdays and grow up as they play the game, right until 16. The initial 3 years are free but players wishing to age their character past 12 must pay for membership.

Players gain access to more gameplay options and minigames as their avatar ages, representing their growth and greater independence. Avatars are customizable and the game is ideal for those too old for games such as Club Penguin but too young for more serious MMO games such as World of Warcraft.

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