8 Games Similar to Undertale

Undertale was an absolute hit when it came out, winning various awards and surprising many with its narrative, humor and choice-driven gameplay that allowed you to beat the game without killing anyone. Games like Undertale look to offer something unique. They may immerse you in their compelling stories and gameplay, or their wonderful soundtracks and funny dialogue that break the fourth wall.

While you wait to play through this fantastic RPG once again on the Nintendo Switch, we have you covered with this list of other amazing games similar to Undertale that offer the kind of quality you are looking for. Check it out, as you are bound to find at least one title that you will fall in love with just like you did with Undertale.

8 Best Games Like Undertale:


OneShot is a game unlike any other you’ve played before. You play as Nikko, a character with an unclear gender whose goal is to restore the sun and bring back light to a dark world full of mystery. As you play this story-driven title, you realize the unique elements that OneShot offers while solving puzzles and interacting with the world.

What makes OneShot stand out is that the game is completely aware of you, including Nikko, who sometimes even speaks with you. You not only solve puzzles in the game, but you also progress through the story outside the game itself. In fact, using your computer is so tied to the gameplay that you’ll have to play in windowed mode as the game itself suggests.

Apart from its excellent fourth-wall breaking, OneShot immerses you with its clever story and superb soundtrack as you guide Nikko through various puzzles. This is an absolute must play if you enjoyed Undertale.


Inspired by Alice in Wonderland, Alicemare puts you in the shoes of a young boy named Allan, who has lost his parents and has completely forgotten all of his memories. This creepy yet charming adventure will take you through many challenging riddles as you enjoy the music and meet a diverse set of characters. Despite its short length, you will still enjoy your time with the game’s unique aesthetic and interesting twists.

Featuring multiple endings, Alicemare is an enjoyable little pixelated adventure that you can try out for free or buy through Steam to support the developer of this indie title.

Hyper Light Drifter

Unlike Undertale that lets you peacefully part your ways with the many inhabitants of the Underground, Hyper Light Drifter pursues a more traditional style of action RPG gameplay inspired by Diablo and the Zelda title: A Link to the Past. It has absolutely beautiful pixel art that is created to perfection. While the remarkable hand-animated enemies may get quite challenging the further you progress, that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy the game’s great fast-paced combat system and highly detailed environments that contain many secrets waiting to be revealed.

This 2D action RPG’s world not only serves to amaze you with its breathtaking sights and various peaceful sounds but also uses those elements to tell a captivating story without using any dialogue at all, which is quite different from Undertale’s way of storytelling. With wonderful exploration, a minimalist story and boss fights accompanied by superb music and visuals, Hyper Light Drifter is one of the best 2D action RPGs you will ever play.


LISA is a 2D RPG that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world full of dark comedy and tough choices that you have to make. Recruit various members found throughout many settlements to aid you in turn-based combat. With party members, you can create many combos for devastating attacks, but you also have to ensure their survival, sacrificing your own body parts to save them from death.

The deep and sad story of LISA may not offer the same lighthearted kind of humor and vast array of choices seen in Undertale, but this side-scrolling title is still full of jokes, just not in the same way. If you’re looking for a darker, more mature title than Undertale, then LISA is definitely the one to go for.

To the Moon

This story-driven indie adventure takes you on a journey with two doctors who try to fulfill the dream of an old man named Johnny by creating fake memories. There is absolutely no combat, but instead To the Moon puts focus on puzzle solving as you attempt to rebuild the memories of Johnny in order to deliver his last wish, which is to go to the moon. It’s a memorable journey that you’ll surely enjoy while listening to the game’s atmospheric soundtrack.

Finding Paradise

The sequel to the charming To the Moon RPG, Finding Paradise once again tasks two doctors with the goal of fulfilling their patient’s last wish. This time you explore the memories of Colin, and just like the previous title, Finding Paradise is a blast to play. Don’t expect making choices that affect the story like Undertale, but definitely expect a wonderful story and great music in this puzzle solving title.


EarthBound is a classic old RPG where you lead a group of four characters on a journey through a seamless real-world setting in order to stop a powerful evil alien. As you enjoy the game’s cute environments, you’ll face numerous enemies that you come across during exploration. Once you’re in contact with an enemy, battle mode commences, in which you have a few choices you can make, including running away or settling the fight automatically.

There are no random encounters like in Undertale, so there’s no need to worry about any surprise attacks as enemies are clearly visible on the screen. The world of EarthBound is huge and filled with funny dialogue, and with a great epilogue, this 2D RPG is a long and marvelous adventure that you will enjoy from start to finish.

Why Am I Dead At Sea

In this unique 2D mystery RPG, you have to solve your own murder by playing as a ghost who can possess other well-written characters in the game, each of which has their own distinct personality. Lots of dialogue is to be had as you use the characters to talk to others and uncover information about your murder on the ship. Later on, you can also read people’s minds and see what they really are, as well as gain full possession of them in order to actually ask the questions that you want.

Each character has a special ability that may be useful in your investigation and there are multiple endings that you can get depending on who you blame and how much information you gather. If you ever wanted to play a great murder mystery title, then this 2D RPG is one you don’t want to miss.

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